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Events Now Booking

We are currently working behind the scenes to bring you events in Cambridge, UK and in Dubai, UAE.  Please follow Ultimate Woman and join our free online community on Facebook to keep up to date with dates, venues and all things Ultimate Woman.

Expert Speakers

Check out some of our amazing expert speakers from live events and the podcast.  Don’t forget you can access recordings from all live events as an online member of Ultimate Woman…

May 2018 is the Ultimate Woman launch and our founder & speaker Nicky shares with you ways to smash your limiting beliefs including Role Models, Affirmations & Power.
June 2018 speaker ThorA drills down into the core components that you need to know and understand to be able to power and deliver the potential that you know you have.
July 2018 speaker Des creates women business leaders worldwide, inspires them to lead & empowers them to speak on stage. Learn how to Become an Expert in 90 Days.
Ruth is passionate about breaking down the stigma around mental health. Her book 'Within the White Lines' is out in November and available on Amazon.
Agnes is passionate about getting back to nature with the food we eat and how you can incorporate this in your life to promote health and wellness.
More speakers coming soon...