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Cambridge UK

Ultimate Woman is the number one network for empowering professional women to be strong, authentic leaders of financially sound, life changing businesses. Our goal is to help you scale your business, boost your career and become an ultimate champion.

It's time to Get ultimate

Ultimate Woman is for professional working women who want to be the best they can be… so if you fit the brief, how about coming on this journey with us, after all this is all being built for you!

Are you ready to#BeYouBeUltimate?

PS. If you’re seeing this message we’ve just opened this page so if you find any gremlins please forgive us and email for info!

Healthy body

Start with the basics and get your body working for you. From nutrition to movement, every decision and every step counts.

Healthy mind

Mental health is a big deal and the good news is you can do so much to help yourself stay mentally strong. Decide to take action today.

healthy business

If you've built the foundation by starting with yourself now it's time to upskill and get business fit. Time to get ready for success.

just for you

be you be ultimate podcast

You can grab every opportunity to listen, learn and laugh with the Ultimate Woman Podcast.  Designed to fit around you, episodes are short and sweet (most of the time!) and we also bring you advice from the experts.

ultimate woman retreat

Go on treat yourself and join us for 2 days of deliciousness, discovery and delight!  You’ll be sampling healthy food, experiencing endorphin boosting exercise, have a coaching session and a fabulous pamper experience!

Next Dates 8-10 June 2018 – Brandiston, Norfolk UK

live events & community

Community and collaboration are at the heart of Ultimate Woman and we support you with an online community as well as a range of events.  Basic membership is FREE but you can also invest in yourself as a member for unique content, offers and discounts.  

online training

We love to run events so we get to know you in person but sometimes we realise that doesn’t work.  The online launches in April 2018 with courses for your body, mind and business.  Just sign up now for more details when they are released…

natural skincare

Tropic is a beautiful range of pure, vegan friendly, cruelty free & affordable skincare & cosmetics.  If you want to know more, please message us or go direct to our online shop! Come to a retreat for a pamper experience too!

What Our clients say

Nicky has helped me evaluate what I really want out of life and how I can actually take steps to achieve it based on the skills I already unknowingly had!


What amazed me most was that I went into the sessions being quite certain of what I thought we'd discuss, and then she'd do an exercise that would lead us in a completely different direction, but one that needed attention.